NYC Touring Extravaganza

This is Mark Gilman, Nocturne Blues official Tourist Coordinator Extraordinaire & Blogging Sensi.
Matt Smith Hello
I’ll be updating the NYC side of the official Major League Blues Blog with articles to heighten your weeklong MLBB experience. Like inside dirt on our Phenomenally talented teachers, pieces about the history of local dance scenes, the evolution of blues dance styles. All the stuff needed to make you the Badass Blues Dance-Nerd you know you want to be!
This first post, however is about the amazeballs series of events planned for Major League Blues the five days between Nocturne Blues and Sweet Molasses Blues. Not only do we have classes taught by killer instructors (to be revealed soon) but we will give you a sweet series of tours of the Big Apple. This will be great for our of towners wanting to learn more about the City that never sleeps as well as locals who want to see a side of their precious city they never knew was there. Get ready for some knowledge. 
Monday join us for  a picnic followed by sunset walk over the Brooklyn Bridge.  Stop to dance a little as the sun goes down, and learn all sorts of  killer geeky facts about this iconic NYC Landmark.  For example:
Did you know the Brooklyn Bridge designer John Robeling became partially paralyzed during it’s building, so his wife Emily took take charge of construction?
Who run the world
Tuesday we’ll have a trip through Grand Central Station, the Main Branch Library, and Rockefeller Center.
Wednesday come join us for authentic dim sum in China Town, and a chill tour of Lower Manhattan!
Also you have the benefit of being led by your guide Mark Gilman, a life long proud-as-hell New Yorker who loves nothing more than reciting nerdy facts and hearing the sound of his own voice.
Waynes World Excellent
Well that’s it. See you next time!

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