The Choreo Project!

Interested in performing more?  Want the chance to work in a small group setting with some of your favorite teachers??
Join The Choreo Project!

Watch the Videos from last years Performances:

The Wooden Spoon  –  Choreography by Andrew Smith & Nicole Trissell

The Scratch Project –  Choreography by Flouer Evelyn

The Scoop:

Every evening we will get together for three hours to work on a piece of choreography that is specifically set on you and your small group.

All choreography will be taken to Sweet molasses to be adjudicated during the afternoon and get the chance to perform on Saturday night.  This does not mean that you have to be in the choreography track at Sweet Mo, but it does mean that you have to have a full pass to Sweet Mo.


  • Must be attending Sweet Molasses.
  • Must be in New York from July 21 through July 24 (see schedule below)
  • Must be interested in working with other dancers, practicing, and applying yourself.
  • Must have some experience with blues dancing, a minimum of attending the fundamentals track at Nocturne Blues.

If you want to work hard and perform, we want to work with you!  Sign up and have fun with us :-)

If you have any questions send an email to   Otherwise, stay tuned for registration opening in January and we’ll see you in July!


  • Monday July 20th:   7-10pm
  • Tuesday July 21st:   7-10pm
  • Wednesday July 22nd:   7-10pm
  • Thursday July 23rd:   10am-1pm or 7-10pm     (Thursday schedule changes depending on group you are with, and if you are traveling to Boston Thursday afternoon)
  • Friday July 24th:   up to individual groups
  • Saturday July 25th:  adjudication & performances!

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