Details & Perks

What is MLB?

A week of Blues Dancing in two major cities on the East Coast.  If you attend Nocturne Blues (NYC) and Sweet Molasses Blues (Boston), we are planning a week of social, educational, and creative events for you to enjoy in both cities!

Some of the major perks of MLB:

  • A percentage discount off your registration, for both dance only & full passes.  A code will be sent to you for a discount to the second event after you register for the first event.  (Doesn’t matter which you register for first!)
  • Join The Choreo Project and get the chance to compete at Sweet Molasses’s choreography competition with top-notch instructors.
  • Spend a whole week getting to know other dancers from all over the US & world.
  • Sightseeing in both NYC & Boston.  Blues Dancing in both NYC & Boston!
  • The opportunity to take more classes with national blues dance instructors.

When is it?

  • July 22nd – August 1st

Where is it?

New York City & Boston, of course!

Exact Schedule TBD


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