Welcome Blues Dancers.  Welcome to dancing on the East Coast, and welcome to Major League Blues!

Major League Blues, or MLB for short, is a week long event of dancing, parties, classes, choreography, and more between Nocturne Blues in NYC & Sweet Molasses in Boston.

Last year we had over 60 dancers attending both Nocturne & Sweet Molasses, and we can’t wait for you all to join us again this summer.

As you requested from last year, this year will include:

  • A repeat of The Choreo Project!
  • More workshops between the two events.
  • Meet-Up points for dancers to do meals or activities together.
  • An established evening dance schedule for every night!

Check in for more details soon.  In the meanwhile, sharpen your cleats, warm up your pitching arm, and get ready to dance!

Flouer Evelyn, Nocturne Blues



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